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We are a group of HR folks in the rough and tumble world of start-ups. From new professionals to seasoned veterans, our community built and continues to define HR best practices. We are with companies at various stages of growth and maturity but face many of the same challenges in keeping employees productive, our companies on track, and our HR in compliance. Member expertise includes talent, people operations, recruiting, compensation, retention, benefits, performance management, and executive coaching.

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Join top start-up HR professionals in discussing best practices, products, and the future of HR.

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Who provides the best HRIS? What about Applicant Tracking Systems? Ever wonder how top performing startups accomplish so much with a small HR team? Join today, and find out what tools your peers are using.

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Who will you trust to guide you through the HR start-up world? Our experts have seen it all, and continue to lay the groundwork for years to come.

Mary Russell
Mary Russell
Mary Russell serves as attorney counsel to individuals on their stock options and other startup stock including: Counsel to individuals on equity grants and employment agreements. Counsel to individuals on executive compensation design. Counsel to founders on their personal equity interests at incorporation, financings, and exitsagreements.
Matt Stapleton
Matt Stapleton
Matt Stapleton serves as president of Capshare, a SAAS platform to help startups manage their stock and cap table issues on one platform. Matt has consulted with hundreds of startups on cap tables, ASC 718, IRC 409A, and other valuation issues.
Robby Peters
Robby Peters
Benefits Consultant to Venture Capital Firms and their portfolio companies. Specialize in the design, communication, implementation, and management of employee benefits programs. Work with recently funded start ups to publicly traded organizations.
Suhi Koizumi
Suhi Koizumi
Broad experience working with legal and human resources personnel to address immigration issues of individual and corporate clients of all sizes and types, from small start-ups to multinational corporations.

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